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How to use Palo Santo sticks?

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Palo Santo is best known for its beautiful aroma, energy-cleansing, and purifying qualities. But what are those mystical wooden sticks, and how to use them? In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about Palo Santo.

What is Palo Santo?

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Palo Santo means holy wood in Spanish, and the name says it all. Used for centuries in traditional energy cleansing rituals, this South American tree achieved the status of sacred. It is worth knowing, that cutting these trees is strictly forbidden (not only by law regulations, but also by tradition), and the wood gains its healing and purifying qualities only long after its natural death. The fallen tree must rest on the forest floor for at least a few years. Just then essential oils and cleansing properties develop in the wood. The natural life cycle of the tree cannot be interrupted. This is why it’s important to buy Palo Santo from ethical sources (the Palo Santo sticks from Candle Time come exclusively from a respectable harvest, and it is always a wood collected from fallen branches).

Indigenous shamans believed every plant has a spirit that carries ancient wisdom and healing powers. They discovered that the smoke of Palo Santo could help with emotional, physical, and spiritual healing and not only remove negative energy but also attract a good one.

How does Palo Santo smell?

Palo Santo has a natural aromatic resin that produces a beautiful, distinctive scent. It has a woody base (not a surprise), with delicate hints of citrus, mint, pine, and amber. The fragrance is potent and keeps hanging in the air for a long time.

How do you use Palo Santo sticks?

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How to burn Palo Santo? It’s easy. The wood is a natural incense. You only need to light it at one end, let it burn for a moment, and then extinguish the flame (blow it off) to let it smoke. You can hold it in your hand and smudge it around your home, yourself, or items you’d like to purify, or you can place it in a heat-proof bowl or plate.

When burning Palo Santo, the primary focus is on setting an intention during the ritual. You can use it to remove negative energy and attract the positive one, to clear your mind and meditate, or to heal. In shamanic tradition, Palo Santo was believed to have medicinal properties and was used to treat illness and pain.

How to use Palo Santo to cleanse your home?

Palo Santo sticks are used to cleanse the energy of a space, such as homes, workplaces, or meditation rooms. When should you smudge your space? When you just cleaned your home, after having visitors, when someone is ill, after an argument or other emotional event, or when you feel that energy shift is needed. You should listen to your intuition.

How do you clean your room with Palo Santo? Start with opening all the windows so the old energy can find a way out. Take a Palo Santo stick and light it on one end. Let it burn for a moment, and blow it off. Have a little heat-proof plate at hand to prevent ash from falling on the floor. Walk around the room with a smudging stick. You may need to re-light it a few times if the smoke stops. Make sure that the smoke reaches all the corners and doorways. Don’t miss any doorknobs. Walk slowly and mindfully, and focus on your intention of cleansing the energy around you.

Extra tip: Don’t forget about the smoke sensor. Today, most of the living spaces have these installed. You will need to cover it or turn it off for the time of smudging.

How to use Palo Santo to cleanse my energy?

Besides energy cleansing at home, you can use Palo Santo to purify your energy centers (chakras) and to drive negative energy away from yourself. You can practice this technique whenever you feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts and emotions, need mental clarity, or experience blockages in your life. According to traditional beliefs, Palo Santo can help individuals find inner peace, balance, and grounding. That’s why it’s also a perfect way to begin your meditation.

How do you clean your energy with smudging? Light the stick, blow it off, and smudge with circular moves around yourself. Begin from your feet, moving slowly up. Focus your thoughts on the intention and visualization of any negative energy leaving your body and mind. Find peace in a deep scent of smoke, but avoid inhaling it too much.

How to use Palo Santo to cleanse crystals?

how to use palo santo
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You can use Palo Santo sticks to clean the energy of items. People use them to cleanse jewelry or crystals. Our bracelets, rings, and necklaces carry their energy (supposedly), but they also absorb energy from those who wear them. If you believe in that, it is then natural that you will want to remove accumulated energy from them. During emotional o or mentally difficult times, this can be particularly helpful. Some people smudge every piece of new jewelry before wearing it for the first time. Crystals absorb energy from their surroundings and need occasional cleansing too.

How do you cleanse the energy of your precious jewelry and crystals? Just the same way you do it with space or people. You smudge carefully around the item with a clear intention of removing any bad energy. It’s an intuitive act.


palo santo incense sticks

Palo Santo is a sacred wood harvested from fallen trees and branches in South America. It produces an aromatic, woody smoke, which people believe has purifying and energy-cleansing properties. For centuries, it has been used in rituals to remove bad energy and promote healing and grounding. How do you burn Palo Santo? Like incense, use its smoke to smudge around the place, people, or items, focusing on your intention.

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