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What are the psychological benefits of scented (soy) candles


What are the benefits of scented candles?

Burning candles is a gentle but powerful act, and it brings many benefits with it. Candles create a symbolic passage from ordinary to mystical. Well known to our ancestors, they were used in many sorts of rituals, both religious and secular. People throughout history burned candles not only to bring light into the darkness, but to pray, meditate, heal, cleanse energy, or connect with the world of spirits. Today we still tend to lit candles to evoke an intimate atmosphere and to relax. In general, burning candles helps us to create ambiance, to separate from the world of what’s common and tiresome. And this is just the working of the candle flame. But what about scent?

Scented soy candles add something extra to the ritual itself. Smell has very strong connotations with the emotions we feel. It can completely transform the way we perceive our surroundings. There are fragrances that we can simply find pleasant, but there are also the ones that induce unique memories in our minds. Think about the smell of the apple pie your grandma used to bake when you were a kid. Or how the pavement next to your house smelled after the rain on the hot summer day. I still remember the smell of the pencil eraser I used in elementary school – until these days I can evoke it in my head.

But the real magic begins when you know how certain scents can work for you. If you know the psychological benefits of popular scents, you know how to help yourself. It is a scientifically proven fact that scented candles soothe us and help to relax. However, there’s a group of fragrances particularly specialized in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Similarly, there are some scents that help to focus and improve productivity or scents that enhance our mood, energize, or help to unblock sexual energy and increase our sense of intimacy. It’s worth knowing the basics of aromatherapy because this way we can use scented candles in the way that is most beneficial to us. It’s good to know which fragrance to choose when you feel down, have sleeping problems, or simply need to change your mindset into more grounded and positive.

The healing properties of scented candles are wonderful. However, it is worth noticing that paraffin candles are not the best choice. Paraffin wax can release toxins, and you wouldn’t like it. The best choice will always be plant-based wax, for example, soy wax. Concerning aromatherapy, it is not a surprise that most positive work comes from nature-inspired fragrances. So, which scents bring the most psychological benefits? Let’s have a look at some most popular.

7 most beneficial scents in aromatherapy

Lavender – it’s probably the most commonly used scent in aromatherapy. It has wonderful calming and relaxing properties. Relieves anxiety and helps to sleep better. Its smell is deep and pleasant and it has purifying qualities. It works refreshingly and helps to clear and calm down your mind. Thanks to its detoxifying and anti-inflammatory working, it’s a perfect choice when you catch a cold or fight the flu. It may bring relief to your respiratory system and reduce headaches.

Lemon – it’s one of the most mood-improving fragrances. It evokes happy feelings and has a proven anti-depressing effect. It helps to lessen anxiety and stress, but it also brings relief from nausea. Thanks to relaxing working on our brainwaves, improves concentration. It’s a wonderful air refresher with invigorating and energizing qualities. A real treat from nature!

Orange – similar to lemon, it has mood-uplifting working and helps to reduce stress. It creates a warm, refreshing ambiance. It stimulates the immune system and helps to eliminate airborne bacteria. As it removes tensions from body and mind, it brings them back into balance; as a consequence, it can effectively improve sleep quality.

Vanilla – it’s a real self-care treat. It naturally stimulates feelings of joy and happiness. It can ease sleeping problems thanks to its relaxing working, but – to make it more interesting – in some cultures, it’s believed to be an aphrodisiac and a good way to improve libido, as it enhances the sense of intimacy. Its scent is very comforting, so it calms your nervous system and makes you feel happier.

Sandalwood – its deep, rich, woody notes are the base for many well-known perfumes and cosmetics. Not without a reason! It helps to lower stress levels and anxiety, and it puts you in a relaxed, meditative state of mind. Balancing qualities help to reach inner peace. Like vanilla oil, it has some sedative working, and thanks to this it can be helpful with insomnia and headaches. It can also improve concentration, as it helps to gain clarity of mind.

Rose – it naturally removes stress and anxieties and relaxes body and mind. Very comforting for your psyche. It relieves tensions and helps to find inner peace. It brings relief from PMS and menstrual cramps. It may also prove helpful in sleeping problems. It soothes your soul and helps to reconnect with yourself.

Jasmine – it smells divine and has plenty of wonderful qualities. It has a calming working similar to lavender, but its scent is sweet and feminine. It’s a classic aphrodisiac: it boosts libido, awakens sexual energy, and helps to build an intimate atmosphere. Its seductive scent increases sensuality. It has a stimulating effect. Improves mood and it’s a natural remedy for depression and emotional stress. It also helps with menstrual pain and menopause by removing body tension. Useful also if you feel chronically tired and low on energy.

Ask the right questions, find the right answers

Thus, if the scent has such a strong impact on how we feel about the space around us, it can be useful to learn how it affects us. Think about how you can improve the quality of your well-being by using scented candles that work best for you. Think about your needs. What are your daily habits that can turn into beautiful rituals? What are you complaining about? Can’t focus, can’t find inner peace, feel thrown out of balance? Or maybe you’re planning a romantic evening with someone special? I know what works for me. I like to burn vanilla candles during the day. They make me feel relaxed and centered. I like to light a lavender candle when I struggle with migraines or feel sick. For the evenings I choose citrusy or jasmine-based scents in warm seasons and sandalwood and orange in the wintertime.

It’s worth remembering that everyone has a different smell perception. We experience the same scents differently. It comes from our memories and backgrounds. Luckily, there are plenty of fragrances to choose from! And now you have some essential knowledge that hopefully will make your choice easier than before. 🙂