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5 reasons to choose soy wax candles

Why should you choose soy wax candles?

There are good reasons why you should choose soy wax candles. If you care about your health, the planet you live on, animals, and the environment, you will most definitely want to switch to soy wax. Why?

Here are 5 reasons to choose soy wax:

It comes from sustainable resources

Soybeans. Photo Polina Tankilevitch ( Pexels)

Did you ever wonder where paraffin wax comes from? Paraffin candles are cheap to produce but do you know that they are derived from petroleum or crude oil? The resource of paraffin is thus highly unsustainable and non-renewable. Moreover, oil extraction causes terrible damage to the environment, a.o. through oil spills. It also plays a big part in climate change. It’s all so bad!

Meanwhile, soy wax is not only eco-friendly but also comes from completely sustainable resources. It causes no environmental damage. It’s 100% natural and vegetable, derived from soybeans.

Good to know: in Candle Time we only use GMO-free soy wax manufactured in Europe.

It burns 45% longer than paraffin

Soy wax has a lower melting point than paraffin (it melts already at 45 Celsius degrees), which means that it burns much longer. That assuming you use a candle in a proper way, among others trim the wick before each use.

Read more on how to make your candle last longer here.

It’s vegan and cruelty-free

Soy wax is vegetable and 100% vegan. Its production causes no harm to natural habitats (unlike crude oil and petroleum) so no animals get hurt. Additionally, there are no animals engaged in the production process. Soy wax is produced through soybeans’ hydrogenation.

It’s an excellent fragrance carrier

Due to its low melting point, soy wax is an excellent fragrance carrier. It doesn’t need to be synthetically or chemically improved. It has also a perfectly balanced scent throw. The fragrance is also added at a relatively low temperature, and this helps to prevent it from excessive evaporation during the candle-making process.

It produces no toxins or smoke

soy wax flakes and beads photo
Soy wax flakes and beads

Soy wax burns clean, smoke and soot-free. It releases no toxins or carcinogens thus it has no negative impact on your lungs. You’ve most probably seen paraffin candles producing black smoke during burning – it can be harmful especially if the room is closed / not aired and if you like to burn a few candles at a time. There can also be many hidden negative long-term consequences for your health. You will not experience it with soy candles.

Now you see that it makes sense to choose soy wax above the paraffin. If you’ve ever heard about GMO soybeans that are often used across the USA – you don’t have to be afraid when you choose Candle Time: we use only the best quality GMO-free European soy wax. We also pay the highest attention to all other subproducts we use in our production process: all the fragrances are carefully selected – and we support European manufacturers; we also use bio-cotton to make our wicks.

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