Lemongrass Scented Candle 120ml


Lemongrass is a popular fragrance known for its insect-repelling qualities, and it works perfectly as an air freshener too.

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Lemongrass scented candle:

  • lemongrass scent is well known as an insect repeller (anti-mosquito) and air freshener
  • burn time +20 hours
  • height 6 cm, width 5,5 cm
  • bio cotton wick
  • hand-poured with 100% natural, GMO-free soy wax
  • vegan
  • minimal style
  • fresh, sour-sweet, citrusy notes

Did you know that the lemongrass scent has little to do with lemons? It’s a tropical herb from Asia with a strong fragrance reminding of lemon. The actual scent’s name is citronella.

Even longer burn time and recycled jar? Have a look at our Lemongrass candle in medium size.


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