Orange & Sandalwood Candle 60ml


This Sandalwood & Orange fragrance blend will charm you with deep, earthy notes with a fresh citrus accent.

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Orange & Sandalwood scented candle is a rich, earthy fragrance blend:

  • deep, woody sandalwood base note with fresh addition of juicy orange
  • brings back your inner balance
  • sensual, rich, warm
  • burn time +15 hours
  • height 5,5 cm, width 5 cm
  • cotton wick
  • hand-poured with 100% natural, GMO-free soy wax
  • vegan

Did you know that sandalwood scent lowers stress levels, and orange scent has mood uplifting working?

You can learn more about what scented candles aromatherapy can mean for you. Read our post here.

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