Sandalwood Candle with Wooden Wick 120ml


This Sandalwood scented soy candle has a rich, seductive smell, designed by nature to let you relax.

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Sandalwood scented candle is always a good choice:

  • rich, woody, exotic, and deep fragrance of sandalwood
  • brings relief from headaches, helps to relax, lessens anxieties
  • helps to achieve a meditative state of mind
  • hand-poured with 100% natural soy wax
  • height 6 cm, width 5 cm
  • wooden wick
  • burn time + 20 hours
  • apothecary jar
  • classic style
  • vegan

Did you know that sandalwood has wonderful therapeutic powers?

Read more about the beneficial working of scents here.

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