Scented Bath Salts Lavender in a Jar


These handmade bath salts will bring your body and mind back to balance.

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Scented bath salts with Lavender scent will help you to relax after a long day:

  • softening and soothing your skin
  • easing stress and supporting mental well-being
  • relieving muscle pain and fatigue
  • with Epsom salt (natural magnesium sulphate crystals), pink Himalayan salt, and dried lavender
  • with a pleasant lavender scent
  • in a glass jar with a lid
  • one container contains approx. 185g salts (total weight in jar 310g)
  • dimensions: 8 x 6,5 cm
  • for 2 – 4 baths depending on the dosing (the more you add, the more fragrant your bath will be).

Bath salts should be stored at room temperature, away from daylight.

Do not use on irritated skin.


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