White Sage Leaves – Natural Incense


White Sage is a natural incense used in cleansing rituals.

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White Sage (Salvia Apiana) Leaves Incense:

  • dried white sage leaves are used as a natural incense, traditionally in cleansing rituals
  • sage has a pleasant, herbal smell
  • box dimensions: 14x10x2cm
  • one box contains approximately 30g of sage
  • these leaves come from responsible sources in California, harvested with respect for the nature

Usage instructions:

  • remove part of the leaves from the packaging and place it in a shallow, heat-resistant bowl
  • light the leaves and blow the flame after a few seconds
  • use the smoke to cleanse the space around you
  • keep the room well-ventilated (open the window or balcony door)
  • never leave burning incense unattended.




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